Casa Bernard

Casa Bernard

Casa Bernard is ostensibly a 16th century palazzino, parts of it have been dated to the Roman and Punic periods. It was originally contained inside the protective walls of Mdina, but when Mdina was much reduced in size and enclosed with the present day fortifications, Casa Bernard came to find itself outside the bastions. Some remains in the basement date to the Medieval period, as does the entire right wing of the house which served as a look-out post. The lofty ceilings and arched interiors show the warmth of the Maltese stone and the rooms are pierced with elaborate openings allowing the diffused light of the brighter courtyard to penetrate inside.

Peppered with all sorts of plants, the sunny courtyard is dominated by a Medieval watchtower while an amazing pale pink bougainvillea bursts into flower and hangs over the intimate space.

All this, and much more makes Casa Bernard a truly unique place to visit, both for locals and for visitors from other countries. See what other visitors who toured the Casa have to say about their experience.


“A wealth of cultural heritage in Rabat’s Casa Bernard” – Lara Strickland, ‘Malta’

“A jewel in the crown in Rabat’s history” – UK Journalist

“I almost reluctantly leave this charming couple who are blessed with a generosity of spirit as well as many other qualities” – , ‘Lifestyle Magazine’

“One of Malta’s hidden gems, full of the charm of bygone days” – UK Journalist

“An exercise in good taste in its restoration” – Europa Nostra


“The Magris have done a wonderful job bringing Casa Bernard back from dereliction, and display their home with enthusiasm. As a way of discovering how minor dignitaries of the Order of St.John lived their lives before Napoleon expelled the Knights, Casa Bernard is delightful and well worth visiting.” – Adrian Mourby, ‘Mediterranean Life’

“The sumptuous 16th century palace today is a toast to the past, with its walls decked with paintings by Maltese and foreign artists, its objets d’art offering a glimmer of the way the Maltese nobility lived in the past, and other relics which recall the grand history of the Bernard family.” – ‘House Fantastic’

Casa Bernard won an award from Europa Nostra in 2006 in the Special Mention Category for its splendid restoration. It was acclaimed as “an exercise in good taste and as one of Malta’s hidden gems, full of the charm of bygone days.”